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Before You Begin
Please should you have the following with you:
1. Personal Information
Tax File Number
(New, IC, Soldier or Police, Passport)
2. Income Information
EA Form
Details of Income from any Rental Properties
Dividend Vouchers
3. Receipts from
Books, or Magazines
(except newspaper)
Purchase of Computers
Broadband subscriptions
Insurance Premiums
(e.g. Medical, Life, Education, ect)
Rental Expenses
(e.g. Quit Rent, Maintenance,
Insurance, etc)
Already started your
2012 Borang BE?
Not started your
2012 Borang BE yet?


I'm Paying less Tax this year!

I downloaded TAXSAYA and would like to inform you how happy I was to have used your program. With your software, I can even get a refund. All these years, I have been paying the government taxes which I should have got exemptions or relief. Should have known you many years back.

- Captain Ku KL, from Kota Bahru

Maximise Tax Savings
Minimise Your Time, for only

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